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"Continuously integrating Perl projects with Vagrant and Puppet/Chef/Salt" - YAPC 2013, Austin, TX
"Large-scale deployments with Pogo at Yahoo!" - YAPC 2012, Madison, WI , Slides , Video
"Moving CPAN module projects to github.com" - YAPC 2009, Pittsburgh , Slides , Video
"Driving a USB Rocket Launcher from Perl in User Space" - YAPC 2009, Pittsburgh , Slides , Video

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"Time Travel" - Display currently used home network bandwidth on an external display of a Raspberry Pi, Linux Magazine 08/2024
"Measuring the Flow" - Display currently used home network bandwidth on an external display of a Raspberry Pi, Linux Magazine 07/2024
"Practically Elastic" - Write a Desktop pool 2-D simulator with Go and Fyne, Linux Magazine 06/2024

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"Monitor für historische WLAN-Aktivität" - Go-Tool protokolliert Geräte auf dem WLAN und zeigt die historischen Abfolge, Linux-Magazin 08/2024 Screencast (Video)
"Terminal-UI in Go zeigt Geodaten von Webbesuchern an" - Gästebuch, Linux-Magazin 07/2024 Screencast (Video)
"Zeitreise" - Go-Programm analysiert historischen Aktienhandel, Linux-Magazin 06/2024 Screencast (Video)

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ModDevUtils.pm - Development Utilities for Perl Modules
leo - Look up a word or phrase on dict.leo.org
tmpl - Create new perl script and module templates
cdbm - Bookmarks for shell directory navigation
pdfextract - Extract pages from PDF documents
findrc - Find all /etc/rc.d files related to an application

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Log::Log4perl - Log4j implementation for Perl
Net::Amazon - Framework for accessing amazon.com via SOAP and XML/HTTP
Trash::Park - Store deleted files safely with querying capability
Text::Language::Guess - Trained module to guess a document's language
Config::Patch - Patch configuration files and unpatch them later

Miscellaneous Projects

Mike's Monologues - Mike's Blog On Blogspot
Safe CVS - A patch to prevent CVS from nuking your local workspace
Rateplay - Rate MP3 songs and create playlists based on ratings
Image Database (idb) - Archive and retrieve your digital photos
A complicated puzzle - A distribution problem and an elegant solution from rec.puzzles
Perl Scripts from my books - Source code of all examples in 'Perl Power' and 'Goto Perl'

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