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idb: image database
Archive and retrieve your digital photos

idb is a command line tool to archive and retrieve items from a digital image collection.

It started as a two-part article ( 1, 2 ) within the Perl-Snapshot, a seven-year-and-counting monthly feature by the Germany-based Linux-Magazin.

Since then, it has attracted a small but persistent user base, so I've decided to carry on with it, by adding new features and fixing bugs as I find them or as they get reported.

idb takes files from disk or a digital camera, puts them into a chronologically sorted hierarchy on disk and stores tag information about all images in a MySQL database.

Here's the most important commands:

            # Import and tag
        idb -i -t tag [file|dir] ...
            # Filter files and tag
        ls *.jpg | idb -t tag
            # DB search for tags, print paths
        idb -s search_pattern -p
            # Grep for tags in files
        idb -g search_pattern [file|dir] ...
            # List files/tags
        idb -l [file|dir] ...
Where do you go from here?

Released version idb-0.03.tar.gz


TODO list


Stable Release (09/21/2003) idb-0.03.tar.gz


Please send bugs reports or requests for enhancements to the author: idb@perlmeister.com

Mike Schilli <idb@perlmeister.com>, 2003

Latest update: 18-Oct-2014