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Unofficial perlmonks.com IRC Channel

If you're a regular perlmonks.com contributor and want to increase your XP, you'll find that it pays to jump on new questions early.

But obviously, you don't want to hit 'Reload' in your browser constantly to see if the "Newest Nodes" page displays any new XP-worthy inquiries.

Instead, just subscribe to one of the following IRC channels on irc.freenode.net:

Posts all questions and answers: /join #pm2irc
Posts new questions only: /join #pm2ircnew
Here's how it looks like in Gaim:

Links to all messages are conveniently displayed as clickable links, just select one and your browser will jump right to the appropriate node, where you'll be able to post a reply immediately.


To connect to one of the aforementioned IRC channels, I find it easiest to use Gaim, a universal IM client, which happens to also support IRC.

To create an IRC screen name with freenode.net, go to Tools->Accounts and click Add in the opening dialog. This lets you fill in a server (use irc.freenode.net) and a "Screen Name":

After going Online with this account in the Accounts dialog, go back to the main window and choose Buddies->Join a Chat:

In the dialog, select your IRC nickname from the dropdown menu and then enter the channel (#pm2irc or #pm2ircnew) you want to join:

Then click Join and a channel dialog will pop up, showing your fellow Perlmonks and the pm2irc bot serving up the latest news from perlmonks.com, along with clickable links.

Have fun!

-- Mike

P.S.: This script runs the show on a PC somewhere in San Francisco. Ideally, this would be running on the perlmonks site itself, so if you want to grab the script and provide that service, please go ahead!

Latest update: 18-Oct-2014