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Mike's Script Archive: ftivo

ftivo - FTP shows off of TiVo


    ftivo - FTP shows off of TiVo






So you've read ``Hacking TiVo'' by Jeff Keegan and installed the FTP server running on port 3105 to extract recorded shows? And you want a convenient interface to select *.tmf files by a regular expression, transfer them over to your computer, extract their *.ty parts, rename and store them? Read on, ftivo is for you.

If you've got all of the above, then you just need to configure ftivo by adapting it to your local requirements. Check these lines before you start it and make sure it reflects your installation:

    my $TIVO_IP   = "";
    my $TIVO_PORT = 3105;
    my $TAR_CMD   = "tar";

Most likely the TiVo's IP address will be different on your home network, so just adapt it to the local setting. Now, the best way to explain ftivo is to print a sample session retrieving all ``Simpsons'' shows:

    $ ftivo "The Simpsons"
    Connecting to ...
    {The Simpsons}{2003-01-12}{The Dad Who Knew Too Little}{07.00 PM Sun Jun 15, 2003}{KTVU}.tmf ([y]/n)y
    Fetching {The Simpsons}{2003-01-12}{The Dad Who Knew Too Little}{07.00 PM Sun Jun 15, 2003}{KTVU}.tmf
    Title: 'the-simpsons-the-dad-who-knew-too-little'
    the-simpsons-the-dad-who-knew-too-little-00.ty ready
In this case, there was only one show on the TiVo matching the
regular expression C<The Simpsons>, and it was selected by agreeing with
C<y>. Entering C<n> would have suppressed this particular match,
but would have continued prompting for other matches. Entering C<q>
will abort the questioning and start retrieving the previously
selected shows.

ftivo will go ahead and FTP the selected *.tmf files from the TiVo, untar them to extract their *.ty part(s) and rename it/them to


and also treat their followup parts like *-01.ty, *-02.ty, etc.

These files can then be viewed with the TiVo-adapted mplayer.


Copyright 2004 by Mike Schilli, all rights reserved. This program is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


2004, Mike Schilli <m@perlmeister.com>

Latest update: 20-Oct-2013