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Mike's Script Archive: subsilvercp

subsilvercp - Make a copy of phpbb template directory


    subsilvercp - Make a copy of phpbb template directory




    $ cd templates
        # Create a new template dir named 'newName',
        # based on 'subSilver'
    $ subsilvercp newName


subsilvercp creates a new phpbb template directory parallel to the default 'subSilver' hierarchy. It not only copies everything to the new directory, but also renames a couple of files and replaces instances of the string 'subSilver' in various files:

    subSilver/            newName/
      theme_info.cfg        theme_info.cfg
      subSilver.cfg         newName.cfg
      ...                   ...

Be careful when choosing a new name, make sure it doesn't contain special characters, and it's long enough to not collide with some variable name in phpbb.

When you're done, there's a new template directory under templates. To install it, go to phpbb's admin page, select ``Style Add'' and click ``Install''. Then, go to the ``Configuration'' panel, scroll down to ``Default Style'' and select the new style from the dropdown list. Also, check ``Yes'' on ``Override user style'' to make sure users get the new style.


Copyright 2006 by Mike Schilli, all rights reserved. This program is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


2006, Mike Schilli <cpan@perlmeister.com>

Latest update: 20-Oct-2013